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Alexandre Champagne and Renaud-Bray give $25 000 to prevent teenagers from substance abuse.

Montréal, June 10th 2019 – It is at the Saint-Denis Branch, at Renaud-Bray, that took place today the unveiling of the final amount given by photographer Alexandre Champagne and Renaud Bray. Both decided to unite in order to give even more to prevent teenagers from substance abuse.

It’s with great pride that Alexandre Champagne, along with Émilie L. Laguerre, Marketing and Communication Director at Renaud-Bray, Annie Papageorgiou, Executive Director of Fondation Jean Lapointe and Gilles Beaubien, Manager of the Saint-Denis Branch, revealed an amazing amount of $25,000 for Fondation Jean Lapointe.

This announcement concludes marvellously this association, which started in September with the launching of Alexandre Champagne’s book “L’art de réussir toutes ses photos avec son téléphone cellulaire”. The photographer and entrepreneur had shared for the occasion a moving testimony on social media which was a tribute to his grandfather Raymond and his mother Gilberte.

During many years, they courageously fought against addiction to alcohol and gambling and it is for this very personal reason that Alexandre Champagne decided to generously offer the totality of his copyrights on the 5,000 first copies sold of his new book to Fondation Jean Lapointe.

Inspired by his testimony, Renaud-Bray decided to team up with Alexandre Champagne and be as generous by equalizing the entrepreneur’s donation thus doubling the amount given to Fondation Jean Lapointe.

For the Executive Director of Fondation Jean Lapointe, Annie Papageorgiou, this association is simply exceptional “It’s simply fabulous to see Alexandre and Renaud-Bray unify this way. It is amazing to see the impact that a personal initiative can have. What a great mark of generosity, we are very lucky and so grateful! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting our prevention action in high school across the province, but also to help eliminate taboos surrounding addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling.

A video of this unveiling is available on the Fondation Jean Lapointe’s Facebook page.

A surprise announcement for the 83rd birthday of Jean Lapointe.

Last December, on his birthday, Mr. Jean Lapointe learned the good news from Alexandre Champagne himself in this short video filmed in the photographer’s studio. Fondation Jean Lapointe wants to warmly thank Alexandre Champagne for initiating this surprise announcement.

Finally, those who would like to get Alexandre’s Champagne book ‘L’art de réussir toutes ses photos avec son téléphone cellulaire’ can buy it directly on Renaud-Bray’s website.

About Alexandre Champagne

Two times Olivier winning comedian with his web series “Contrat d’gars”, Alexandre then moved on to the popular cooking videos “Trois fois par jour” which he created with Mariloup Bourdon in April 2013. Now photographer, he is known for his famous food pictures, but also for his landscape and his stunning portraits. Alexandre Champagne is an open minded talented photographer, a creative mind and an entrepreneur filled with good intentions.

About Renaud-Bray

Renaud-Bray is the biggest french bookstore franchise in North America and one of the biggest business in the cultural world in Quebec. It is composed of 30 bookstores across Quebec, an online store renaudbray.com and a web warehouse which makes it possible to manage thousands of online orders. Created in 1965, this company has been playing an important role in the promotion and diffusion of the French speaking culture for almost 55 years. renaud-bray.com

About Fondation Jean Lapointe

Established 35 years ago, Fondation Jean Lapointe has become the leading organization in the fight against alcoholism, drug use and other addictions that affect society. It actively supports the Maison Jean Lapointe, recognized today as an important centre for drug and gambling rehabilitation, and the prevention of these addictions in Quebec. 


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