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Early Intervention with 12 to 14 Years-old is Crucial

Early Intervention with 12 to 14 Years-old is Crucial

We believe it’s essential to make young people aware of the dangers of alcohol and drug use as soon as they enter Junior High. This is the best way to stop the explosive growth of substance use (and abuse).

Our ultimate goal?

Our ultimate goal?

To delay that first drink, that first drug use and thus prevent their devastating effects.

Workshop Goals

To harmonize the messages that teenagers receive from those around them and the media about alcohol and drug use.

To deconstruct at risk beliefs that teenagers hold about alcohol and drug use and reinforce key protective beliefs.

To teach young people the many avoidance and personal positioning strategies towards psychotropic substances to deal with certain at risk situations.

A Workshop Rich in Interactions

The different drug categories are presented in a way that the teenager understands the different effects on the brain.

Teenagers learn that alcohol and drugs do not have the same effects on everyone, hence the importance of not only listening to friends but also referring to adults.

Part of the workshop is dedicated to a discussion on how to say no to alcohol and drugs.

Our Facilitators in Action!

Our Facilitators in Action!

Carolanne and Maxime, facilitators from La Maison Jean Lapointe, are in class with a grade 7 group. See them in action!

To See the Workshop (in french)

My Passion Matters to Me Contest, an Effective Prevention Strategy

My Passion Matters to Me Contest, an Effective Prevention Strategy

To nourish teenagers’ passions is a concrete and efficient way to help lower the risks that a teenager decides to use. Passions contribute to the development of self-esteem and self-confidence, social skills and independence. Young people are invited to present their passion on video and the winner receives a prize related to his or her passion.

Prevention Works!

The Impact of the Workshop

Young people are fascinated and intrigued by alcohol and drugs and so are pleased to receive the workshop. The questions are often related to the messages they receive from the media or their surroundings.

Encouraging results!

Since 2008, the proportion of teenagers aged between 12 and 17 with a substance abuse problem has gone down from 12% to 10%.

Reach out to more teenagers!

To ensure the success of a major prevention campaign and produce significant changes in behavior, it is important to reach a large number of the targeted clientele.


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