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Fondation Jean Lapointe is proud to launch the 5th edition of its 28 Days Sober Challenge with an all-new gamification platform to support participants during their 28 days of sobriety. The Fondation expects to raise over half a million dollars and sign up nearly 10,000 participants. Under the theme “The challenge where you are the hero”, the campaign’s objective is to help people realize that they are the heroes of their own challenge, and above all, understand the real impact they have on the future of young people.

To subscribe go to www.defi28jours.com

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3 ways to make a difference for our youth

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The 28 Day Sobriety Challenge is a unique movement that started in 2013 when two young professionals decided to stop drinking for the month of February. On the basis of that experience, the Fondation Jean Lapointe set up a committee tasked with publicizing the challenge in order to raise money for its activities.

See you in February 2019

This will help us raise awareness on the risks of using alcohol and drugs among 76,000 teens aged 12-14, in an effort to attack the roots of this pervasive problem in Quebec. Discover our awareness program APT: «My Independance matters to me!».



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Organizing Committee

Nicolas Patard
28 Days Sober Challenge President
Anne-Marie Caron
28 Days Sober Challenge
Jean-Sébastien Chouinard
28 Days Sober Challenge
Andréa Doyon
28 Days Sober Challenge
Sébastien Fauré
28 Days Sober Challenge
Mathieu Hébert
28 Days Sober Challenge
Nathalie Lacoste
28 Days Sober Challenge
Élisabeth Masse
28 Days Sober Challenge
Aurélie Sauthier
28 Days Sober Challenge
Élisabeth Poirier-Defoy
28 Days Sober Challenge