Individual Initiatives

Being a volunteer is a commitment that brings generosity a step further. It’s a meaningful gesture that’s also extremely rewarding.

If you have a couple of hours here and there that you’d like to devote to our cause, please fill out this form and give us the pleasure of meeting you.

Photo Mathieu Larose
«Giving time to the Fondation Jean Lapointe is important to me since this cause is really close to my heart. I believe that visiting schools to warn kids about the dangers of alcohol and drug use is essential. Not long ago I was that impressionable youth that held mistaken beliefs about drug and alcohol use. By doing my part as a volunteer during foundation events, I have the feeling I’m really making a difference in the lives of teens.» Mathieu Larose


Georgette Matte

Ever since the beginnings of La Maison and the Fondation, she knew that this was HER cause! She didn’t need to have struggled with addiction to identify with the cause of alcohol and drug abuse. Her motto: if there’s suffering, we must help. What matters most for Georgette is that her work is useful and valued. And that’s exactly how she feels appreciated at the Fondation. Thank you Mrs Matte