Our Story

In 1982, the Maison Jean Lapointe faces promotion and funding problems.  Survival is difficult and the facility struggles to fully develop. The Fondation Jean Lapointe is created to help fund La Maison and to promote its presence in all of Québec.

This new adventure brings about the Téléthon Jean Lapointe, les Centres Jean Lapointe pour adolescents and countless other projects and initiatives that have been supported by the Fondation for the past 30 years. The telethon will contribute to permanently change perception of addiction in the public and will promote the use of support and treatment resources.

Treating Those Suffering While Investing in Prevention
One of the constant objectives of the Fondation Jean Lapointe has always been to support organizations offering treatments to individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Over the years, the Fondation has slowly come to the realization that its action must invest in prevention to help future generations avoid problems related to addictions.

This explains why, in 2008, the Fondation Jean Lapointe decided to focus its efforts – as well as an important portion of the funds it raises – on preventing the problems related to alcohol and drug use among young people still in school. We remain convinced that relevant information and a better understanding of the risks associated with drug abuse will help young people take more mature decisions.

More than 21 Million Dollars Raised and Distributed Since 1982
Over the last 35 years, the Fondation Jean Lapointe has financially supported hundreds of organizations all across Québec. Better still: its awareness and fundraising work has made addiction treatment available to thousands of people.

All the work accomplished is nothing short of remarkable. But there’s still a long road before us.  We firmly believe that we will definitively make a difference by working tirelessly with our partners, donators and volunteers.