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Next November 10th during the Grand Festin d’hîtres, our 2 Honorary Co-Presidents WILL SALSA in front of more than 1,000 patrons and in a Facebook Live event IF WE RAISE $25,000 to prevent more adolescents from the risks associated with drug and alcohol use.

They have taken up this challenge because they strongly believe that investing in tomorrow’s generation is our collective duty. More than ever before, our kids deserved the best and the most accurate information concerning the risks associated with drugs and alcohol.

They will be giving their hearts, bodies and HIPS for the prevention of drugs and alcohol use amongst teens! Are you willing to give generously to see them dance on November 10th? To accomplish all this, they’ll need your help.

Give generously and let’s raised $25,000 together.
Click here to support MartinLavigne, President Financial National Bank
Click here to support Jonathan Durocher, President National Bank Investments

To see them practicing, click here or on the image below.Image des danseurs

Thank you on behalf of the kids,

Martin Lavigne and Jonathan Durocher